1/4 Scale Predator 2? NECA “We’ll Consider for 2012”

Today on NECA’s twitter feed at approximately 4:08 pm eastern on June 18, 2011, they responded to a question from:

@Valkyriezero1: @NECA_TOYS friends are asking if your doing 1/4scale predator2?

NECA responded with “No plans at this time. We’ll consider for 2012”

Of course anyone who passionately follows NECA knows that they have said they are not working on a Predator 2 quarter scale replica. However, this is a glimpse of hope!

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Lester Speight, is Terrible Terry Tate: The Office Linebacker

Now these videos maybe old, but I find them hilarious still. To be honest this is the first time I have seen these videos, and I am a pretty big fan of Lester Speight. The dude is hilarious! Not to mention but he is the voice actor of my favorite video game character of all time – Augustus Cole “Train” of the Gears of War franchise. – These Reebok videos have sparked a phenomena with fans of the Reebok commercials making their own Terry Tate videos.

I’m going to embed a few of my favorite Terrible Terry Tate videos. Enjoy.
“If you kill the Joe! You make some Moe!”

The Best of Terry Tate

Terry Tate Goes To The Pro Bowl

Terry Tate: Behind The Pain

Terry Tate Needs Sensitivity Training

Terry Tate Tackles Late Lunches

Terry Tate Tackles Voting

Terry Tate Behind The Scenes: Trailer

Terrible Terry Tate: The Original Pilot

Terry Tate Tackles Politics

Terry Tate Tackles Reading
Embedding Disabled By Request.

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On A Boat! The E3 2011 MegaMix!

Another year another E3. This year’s E3 showcased a lot of great games that are coming out in the near future. Surprisingly many of these games featured boating sequences. If any of you are familiar with Lonely Island’s I’m on a boat featuring T-Pain then you need no further explanation of what is coming next.

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Duke Nukem Forever Demo Is Live!

First Access Club members go to the FAC main page or check your email for your early access demo code.

It’s here! It’s finally here! Duke Nukem is here!

Hail to the king, baby!

Don’t forget to download your 2kgames Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard on the iPhone. It’s free!

And while you’re downloading the demo check out my NECA 1/4 Scale Predator Unmasking video.

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NECA Toys 1/4 Scale Predator Unmasking

A very special unboxing video of perhaps one of the greatest Science-Fiction monster of all time – The Predator! – This figure stands in at 18″ tall, detailed battle damage, skull trophies, spine, and comes with an interchangeable right hand.

Also featured in this video original sound effects from the 1987 Predator movie. As well as, all three versions of NECA Toys quarter scale replica Predator. Get yours while supplies last. There is a very limited supply only 5,000 of each were made.

Recorded outdoors in spirit of and tribute to the movie and the Jungle Hunter himself.

To be honest I didn’t even want to open these but they are way too bad ass not to have out of the box. I also figure if I happen to stumble upon one while at a Toys R Us, I will buy it and then hide it in the closet.

Besides a few minor flaws I found on each of the Predators (nothing major or too annoying except for the black splotch.) these figures are immaculate! The one big issue I have that I point out in the video is on my masked version there is a black paint drip at the top of the mask near the skull of the Predator. The black paint is the same used on the bullet mark on the mask. I’m trying to rub it out, but I don’t want to ruin the mask. And one of the toes on the ankles of the closed-mouth Predator was not fully painted. Minor flaws nothing is perfect.

I love these figures and I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate the work of NECA. I honestly feel like I own a piece of the movie. These are very stable and sturdy with very little risk of tipping over. As you see in the video I demonstrate the sound structure of the Predator by tipping them forward. Good weight on the figures and evenly distributed for balance.

Future videos:
Retro Lancer Showcase
Gold Retro Lancer Showcase? (Up in the air still.)
Gears of War 3 Epic Edition Unboxing

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Wow The Gears 3 Beta

The Gears of War 3 Beta was almost a month ago and I am finally catching back up. I will have a Gears of War 3 Beta write up eventually. In the mean time stay tune for this next post.

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Which Exclusive Fighter Will Appear For Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat Reboot

Many Xbox fan boys will never forget the shot heard around the world when Kratos the almighty God of War was announced as the Playstation 3 exclusive fighter for the upcoming reboot of Mortal Kombat. Fans of the fighting series have been questioning whether it will be Marcus Fenix from Gears of War or Master Chief of the Halo franchise. I still believe that it will be neither of these characters and in all actuality it should be Augustus “Cole Train” the thrashball player from Gears of War. However, even I may be wrong.

Special characters in the Mortal Kombat universe are not new. Recently Machinima.com uncovered the lost tapes of some of the secret fighters who tried out but did not make the final cut. Some of the fighters include Pac-man, Toad, and Link.

So Xbox fans we might not get Fenix, Master Chief, or Cole Train, and instead you could end up with Mario!

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