David Rogers was born in 1987, he lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and according to his Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator Instrument his top 5 active archetypes are Creator, Ruler, Seeker, Magician, and Jester. He also scored very high in Warrior, Lover, Sage, Caregiver, and Destroyer. This is a very accurate assessment of David’s talents and personality.

David is a Game Design student at Full Sail University, but thinks of himself as a Game Designer now, only unfounded. He likes to play video games and enjoys a lot of different genres. He was first introduced to computer and video games on the Apple II and Nintendo Entertainment System. To him more it’s more than just playing the games for fun and enjoyment. David likes to look beyond the game art and environments, and breakdown the game’s mechanics and logic. To David, video games are more than mundane activities to shut down the brain, but interactive experiences that actually stimulate imaginations in the mind. Video games can be used to teach and touch people’s hearts, as well as entertain and captivate an audience.

David uses this blog on WordPress.com to archive all writings contributed to GuysGirl.com for easy reference and access.

He is also a very avid fan of the NFL. Every Sunday, rooting for the hometown Jacksonville Jaguars. David understands and respects what it takes to create an NFL team, not just a team, but a dynasty. Since 2008, David, has been a season ticket holder. He has watched his team implode, and watched as General Manager, Gene Smith, began putting the pieces together.