Last Week Microsoft Kicks Off House Party With Warp

A few days late I know! Allen Wake’s American Nightmare will follow shortly.

Warp is a delightful game that kicked off Xbox Live Arcade’s House Party. Much like the Summer of Arcade XBLA’s House Party is an annual promotional period of unique and sometimes very well thought out games. Many titles for the Xbox Live Arcade are must haves at their respective $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points.), and $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points.) prices.  Especially the recently released Gotham City Impostors! – More on that game later.

           For those of you who do not know or are new to digital distribution services such as XBLA this House Party is a four-week long event with a new Arcade title launching each week. Just released today for $14.99, is Remedy’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. As an incentive for buying all four games during the House Party, Microsoft will send you 800 points right back to your account.* So it’s like getting one of the games for free, or all of them for $10 each!

Here is the full lineup of the Xbox Live Arcade 2012 House Party.

2/15 – Warp by Trapdoor – $9.99
2/22 – Alan Wake’s American Nightmare by Remedy – $14.99
2/29 – Nexuiz by Illfonic – $9.99
3/7 – I am Alive by Ubisoft Shanghai – $14.99

* Please allow 6-8 weeks for the 800 Microsoft points to appear in your account.

Also another note: if you’re an Xbox Live Rewards member this is a great time to be one, or if not sign up today! Members earn 5% back on all marketplace purchases this month! This includes games and content, avatar items, movie rentals and purchases. So go out there and treat yourself to Gotham City Impostors, Warp, and Alan Wake. Act fast February only has an extra day this year.

Warp is certainly a surprise in this year’s line up featuring simple design and character actions. Warp is a simple top-down stealth-puzzle-adventure game that is worth the ten-dollar price tag.  The story is simple; your main goal is to simply escape your captors. I’m using the word simple a lot because simple is a good thing, and not to mention hard to accomplish. However, there is a twist, as simple as this may sound there are many challenges and obstacles along the way.

The player takes control of an odd alien creature that has been captured, and experimented on by, what I am assuming are some stupid humans. These stupid humans seem to think that this creature is harmless after removing its circular device from the alien’s belly in a process shown during the opening cut scene. The player will go through a serious of tests. These tests are essentially the tutorial portion of the game and are done very well. The first test, my favorite, the player will do is a simple movement tutorial and the player will guide the alien through a maze like staircase. This test is my favorite because the ‘stupid human scientist’ says, “Standard bipedal motion.” I don’t know why, but it caught my attention, maybe because the voice actor sounds a bit like David Cross.

If you’ve played the demo or have looked at some of the photos and video of the game at first glance you would think this is your typical run of the mill cutesy child’s game for the Xbox Live Arcade, but it’s not, not at all. Thanks to the technology provided by the Unreal engine Warp features millions of gallons of blood waiting to be splashed across the walls and floor of this underwater lab!

How does one go about shedding so much blood? Well it’s quite simple and it’s the very first thing you learn, if you’re paying attention. The ability to kill is within the game’s title. Warp, this little alien creature can warp through most objects in this underwater lab with no assistance. So what happens when you warp into a ‘stupid human scientist or solider’? Well, nothing, not at first at least. Simply, rotate the left analog stick in either direction and watch those soft fleshy human bodies expand and explode in a wash of blood and giblets! That same function will also work on inanimate objects such as, turrets, barrels, and battery cells – but it’s not as fun.

The whole plot point of Warp is to escape without obviously being killed or recaptured. There is some kind of sidekick that speaks to you through thought, and who you will eventually meet. In order for the alien to escape it must also free the other test subject. As you progress through the underwater lab the security systems become more robust and increase the challenge of getting around. You’ll come into some upgrades that will enhance your ability to warp around and take down your captors.

If you’re a blood lusting maniac looking for a new fix or if you simply enjoy challenging and unique adventure games Warp is certainly something you should try. I’m still working on finishing this game myself but I have attempted to provide you all a summarization of the essential elements.

Rating: 4/5 – This rating might seem high to some people but I stand by this rating very much. I support simple and challenging games such as Warp. It may not be the most exciting game on the market in terms of what bigger budget games provide. I enjoy these inexpensive experiences. To me these experiences enhance my frame of reference. Warp does everything to provide a simple and challenging experience that anyone can pick up and enjoy.

More to come:
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Review
Gotham City Impostors & Nexuiz – Review
I Am Alive – Review
The Next Generation – Editorial
A Big Announcement!


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