Lester Speight, is Terrible Terry Tate: The Office Linebacker

Now these videos maybe old, but I find them hilarious still. To be honest this is the first time I have seen these videos, and I am a pretty big fan of Lester Speight. The dude is hilarious! Not to mention but he is the voice actor of my favorite video game character of all time – Augustus Cole “Train” of the Gears of War franchise. – These Reebok videos have sparked a phenomena with fans of the Reebok commercials making their own Terry Tate videos.

I’m going to embed a few of my favorite Terrible Terry Tate videos. Enjoy.
“If you kill the Joe! You make some Moe!”

The Best of Terry Tate

Terry Tate Goes To The Pro Bowl

Terry Tate: Behind The Pain

Terry Tate Needs Sensitivity Training

Terry Tate Tackles Late Lunches

Terry Tate Tackles Voting

Terry Tate Behind The Scenes: Trailer

Terrible Terry Tate: The Original Pilot

Terry Tate Tackles Politics

Terry Tate Tackles Reading
Embedding Disabled By Request.


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