BioShock Infinite’s Creative Director Ken Levine Looks to Max Out “Player RAM”

Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games, wants to fill up your brain with as much information as possible but without making you feel overloaded. As a writer and designer myself we’re always looking for new ways to have the gamer interact with the characters and environment that encompasses them. In BioShock Infinite, Ken Levine, aims to make gamers feel a connection to the story’s plot that hasn’t been felt before. Storytelling in games has been evolving for years and now as we start to see games become a legitimate medium in storytelling the users will benefit from a more rich and engaging experience.

Telling a story in a game is not like reading a work of fiction. A game’s story is told through the mechanics and progression through the levels. Pieces of the story are unfolded through interactions with the environment and interactions with characters within the world. Many designers today want to try to empower the gamer and make them feel something. Whether that feeling is inspiration, love for the damsel in distress, or hatred for the villain, more and more of these emotions are starting to show up in games today.

“How do you not tell the gamer you’re falling in love with this person, or you’re getting into a relationship with this person, how do you make the gamer feel that way?” – Ken Levine

In this interview by GT.TV at PAX East Ken Levine discusses how he goes about his writing and design methods, and the questions he asks himself to bring a unique and empowering experience to the gamer. Instead of telling you everything enjoy this eight-minute interview and hear for yourself how Ken Levine wants to immerse you into this universe.

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I tried to embed the video but WordPress (at least the free version) does not support the code uses to embed videos.


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