Gamers <3 Japan!

March 11, 2011 Japan, was rocked by a powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a dreadful tsunami destroying towns and cities in an instant and put a nuclear power plant in Fukushima on the verge of a meltdown. This was a tragic disaster that has undoubtedly affected everyone across the world. The tragedy isn’t over yet as TEPCO and the Japanese government works night and day to stabilize the situation in Fukushima.

I love Japan, and if it weren’t for Japan I wouldn’t have fallen in love with games, and I wouldn’t have wanted to pursue a career as a designer. So much of my inspiration has come from Japan because of the artistic creativity and innovation that many western developers are too afraid to attempt. Japanese games have such a unique play style and provide players an amazing experience unmatched by any developer.

I plead with anyone who reads this or if you love Japan I ask you to please donate some money to the Red Cross to aid our friends in the Far East. Here is a list of charities that you can safely donate money to and even socks too!

‎”When you see something like this, at a time like this, we are all Japanese.” – George Takei

Now I present to you our feature presentation:


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