Quick Note: Toys R Us Is Taking Pre-Orders On 1/4 Scale Predator

I am going to make this quick because it doesn’t require a full post.

Toys R Us is taking pre-orders on the 1/4 Scale Predator from NECA. The MSRP is $69.99 per Predator. I encourage you to pre-order this toy if you’re interested in it, because only 5,000 of each type will be made, and that means supply is limited.

Guarantee your own 18″ Predator by pre-ordering at Toys R Us I’m doing everyone a favor by making this announcement, because I do want to keep them all for myself.

Also on another note Duke Nukem and Iggy Pop figures will be hitting shelves around the same time as the Predator, which is in May. Collector’s tip of the day.


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