Half-Life: Beyond Black Mesa

There is nothing I enjoy more than Valve’s Half-Life series. I am still patiently waiting for Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or hopefully just Half-Life 3 itself. Valve is known for taking extra time with their babies. Hey, I got no problem with it. When you take the time to make something chances is it will be great. I can assure myself that Half-Life 3 is on the way with an all-new physics engine behind it. With all that being said here is a short fan film.

This short film was in production for two years. It cost the producers $1,200 to complete this short masterpiece. With just under a 12 minute run time that’s $100 a minute. You owe it to these seven Half-Life fans to watch their short film. Not to mention every action movie has some good eye candy to gawk over. No, I’m not talking about CGI, but the lovely actress who plays the accomplice to the protagonist.

The film catches up with Half-Life’s Opposing Force’s Adrian Shepard, and a group of resistance fighters. I really enjoyed this video and I think you will too. Hopefully, Half-Life 3 is just around the corner. These 7 young inspiring movie producers have a lot of talent. It just goes to show everyone that a Half-Life movie can be made, and I hope that these young talents are included in the production process.

Much kudos to these fans for making such a delightful piece to enjoy.


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