JagNation Show Your Jaguars How We Do It!

WE ARE!!!!!


Join the event on Facebook: Send the Jaguars off to Indianapolis

The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently sitting high at number one in the AFC South. The city and every Jaguars fan around the nation is excited more than ever as the Jaguars make a push for the playoffs. However, most likely only one AFC South team will make it to the playoffs. The Jaguars have to win against the Colts to all but secure a playoff berth. It’s going to take more than just this win against the Colts, but I think it will paint us a very good picture for the remaining two games in the season.

The Jaguars fly out to Indianapolis on Saturday. Typically for an away game the Jaguars Booster Club will go out and cheer for the Jaguars as they make their way from the stadium to the airport. They encourage other Jaguars fans to show up all the time, but usually it’s a little lackluster.

With the Jaguars making a push for the AFC South Division Crown they deserve to see the true Jaguars fans show up as they prepare to take flight against the Colts. We as a city owe it to ourselves and our players to stand up and applaud the warriors that take to the gridiron every week. The act may seem small, but the impact could be larger than you think.

Let’s go back to a time when the 1996 Jaguars came home to a city gathered around the stadium to see the return of their beloved football team. Let’s go out there this Saturday and show our team we stand not behind them but with them. The Jaguars win this game, the Jaguars will have swept the Colts for the first time ever. The Jaguars will most likely win the AFC South for the first time ever! The Colts may miss the playoffs in the first time in forever!

Just because we don’t have a home game this Sunday doesn’t mean we can’t give a piece of home to take with them on the road!

I recommend showing up at 10:00 am, that’s a little early, but if you like to socialize with other football fanatics I encourage it. We meet on the westside of the stadium adjacent to the players parking lot. This is the side with Touchdown the Jaguars statue. Typically the players will go through a walk-through on the practice field around 11:00 am. That usually lasts about thirty minutes. Once the walk-through is completed players will make their way back to the locker rooms and to the parking lot.

This is not a time to ask for autographs, the players are getting into a focus and getting into the zone. We are there to show up and show our support for our football team. So come on Duval is this going to be the biggest send off the Jaguars have ever seen in recent memory?

Believe In Now!

Also, sometimes the Boosters will bring donuts, but if you’re feeling generous enough and want to bring treats for others that would be great. Perhaps tailgate in the parking lot?

If you don’t know where EverBank Field is, which you should, here is the address:
1 EverBank Field Drive, Jacksonville, FL

The purpose of the Facebook event is to get an estimate on how many people are going to show up. I’d like to see the guest number rise up into the hundreds. Jacksonville can we pull this off? Can we pull together and be a big Jaguars family this Saturday?


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