Pro Bowl Voting Is Almost Over

Have you voted for any Jacksonville Jaguars yet?

If you haven’t that’s okay because there is still time, but it’s important that you do vote for some players. Time is running out only 9 more days left for fan voting. There are several players on the Jaguars roster that deserve Pro Bowl recognition. If you’re a Jaguars fans I recommend you vote for all of your Jaguars, but for those that are fans of say the Dallas Cowboys, let me give you a list of recommendations.

First, I want to point out how important it is that you know how to vote. Because the Jacksonville Jaguars are such a small market team not too many people ever consider any Jaguars players for the ballot. When you’re voting for a Jaguars player, and for example you’re picking wide receivers, you have the option to select four receivers, but that doesn’t mean you should. When voting for a Jaguars player select only Jaguars players and no one else. Voting for both a Jaguars player and say a Patriots player hurts the Jaguars players more, because your vote for that Patriots player will count towards their already extremely large overall vote tallies.

So when voting for players to the Pro Bowl only vote for Jaguars players for the AFC and Chris Kluwe for Punter of the NFC Minnesota Vikings.

Here is my list of Jaguars players you should vote for, and if you’re voting for Mojo, you have better vote for his offensive linemen as well. They pave the way for Pocket Hercules to get his rushing yards.

  • David Garrard (QB)
  • Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)
  • Greg Jones (FB)
  • Mike Thomas (WR)
  • Mike Sims-Walker (WR)
  • Marcedes Lewis (TE)
  • Zachary Miller (TE)
  • Eugene Monroe (Tackle)
  • Uche “Chukwu” Nwaneri (Guard)
  • Vincent Manuwai (Guard)
  • Brad Meester (Center)
  • Jeremy Mincey (Defensive End)
  • Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton (Defensive Tackle)
  • Tyson “The Bison” Alualu (Defensive Tackle)
  • Derek Cox (Cornerback)
  • Rashean Mathis (Cornerback that doesn’t deserve it)
  • Courtney Greene (Strong Safety)
  • Don Carey (Free Safety)
  • Josh Scobee (Kicker)
  • Adam Podlesh (Punter)
  • Mike Thomas (Kick Returner)
  • Montell Owens (Special Teamer)

So if you like reading my blogs or if you just like the Jaguars in general do me and my team a favor VOTE for them to the Pro Bowl!


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