Elder Predator Preview

I guess I missed this announcement when it was made but better late than never. NECA has plans to release the Elder Predator from Predator 2 with their Predators series. In series 3 launching in Spring, probably around the same time as the quarter scale 1987 Predator, will include Elder, Predator Hound, and 1987 Predator masked.
(Editor’s Note: Unmasked 1987 Predator can be found exclusively only at Toys R Us in the Classic Alien/Predator two pack. Should be hitting shelves any day now.)

With all of that information out-of-the-way here is some cool pictures to look at:


The first thing you will notice about the Elder Predator is how awesome the sculpt is it’s incredible. Especially in the face if you look closely you can see the skin tissue from the jaw has decayed. Disgusting! Remember to brush your teeth children. The gold medallions in the Predator dreads accent the ashy white skin. This figure will stand at a proud 7.5-8 inches. I also want to point out real quick that NECA has told their followers that this is not the final Elder sculpt and they have made it even more bad ass. I don’t see how because everything I have seen looks amazing. Can you find any flaws?

Got floss?

Here is a good shot of the mouth of the Elder. I like the detail on the Predator dreads with the gold pieces and white accents. You can tell this guy is old.

Face the right.

Spring 2011

Predators - Series 3 - Elder

Close up of the jaw.


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