NECA: More Behind The Scenes of 1/4 Scale Predator

But are they tipping their hat towards something else as well?

Last week I showed you this photo:

The detail is amazing.

If you looked closely behind the legs of the Predator you will see red legs and feet. The feet are those of the infamous Gears of War COG Soldiers. I didn’t pay too much attention to that feature until today when NECA released two more behind the scenes photos of their 1/4 scale Predator figure.

Unmasked Masked

Open Mouth Unmasked Predator Side by Side with Masked Predator

In this photo NECA showed today through their twitter feed it is an un-cropped photo from last week’s. You can now see a better angle of the mysterious Gears of War sculpts. Upon my further inspection of the photograph I noticed that these are the new Gears of War 3 sculpts coming sometime in 2011 when the new game launches.

The mysterious figures are Bearded Dominic Santiago, and the newly remodeled Marcus Fenix from Epic Games blockbuster franchise Gears of War.

I think it’s clear what these sculpts are, but I have asked NECA to verify my findings so if I hear anything back I will edit this section here. *Update* NECA has confirmed with me that it is Dom and Marcus.

NECA also showed off this photo prior to the one I showed above. I just wanted to share that Gears of War piece first.


Predators Face Off

In the photo above you can see some new details that weren’t shown in last week’s photos. Here the energy gun on the shoulder is on display. I want to remind my readers that the energy gun is detachable along with most of the armor. I like this angle of the two Predators. You can also see the vertebrae trophy sOn the left you can see the detail in the jaws of the open mouthed version of the 1987 Predator. I also want to point out the Predator on the right does not have the netting around its body yet. If you look at the two side by side, you can see how the netting hides the articulated thigh joints making it an art piece you’ll want to display.

And again in this photo at the bottom left corner you can see the hulking arms of the new Gears of War 3 sculpts.

Check back here next week for more updates on NECA’s quarter scale 1987 Predator.


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