NECA Toys Teases Newest Predator Model

Last week I reported that NECA Toys announced their latest project. The largest scale Predator action figure ever made. Through NECA Toys twitter feed (@NECA_Toys) they are showcasing a couple behind the scenes photos of the making of this piece of art every Wednesday..

Unfinished 1/4 Scale Predator

This photo displays the large stature of the figure. Many of the articulation points can be seen, and I believe the energy gun is articulated as well. NECA Toys also mentions that each figure also comes with 2 right hands: one open handed and the other closed fisted.

NECA Toys also tweets, “1/4 scale Predator update – In China we are refining articulation, net fitting, hoses for the masked head, and working on the box size.” They continue to include, “In our office we are making a new paintmaster with even more detail for this new EPIC sized figure. Also working on look & feel for package.”

All of those are nice pieces of information to read. Especially the piece of information about a new paint master featuring more detail.But the most important tweet NECA Toys sent out goes on, “Best of all we’re playing w/ test-shots to trouble-shoot any potential issues on the joints, ankle stability, wrist blades, etc. Pred rules!” So far NECA Toys reports that there are no ankle issues with the nineteen inch Predator figure. Many tall and heavy toys have a tendency to topple over. My main concern is the durability of the wrist blades and changing out the hands.

So when can we expect these awesome action figures? NECA Toys says they will be shipping from China on March 18, and will update us on every step of the way. You can expect to get yours in mid to late April.

I can’t wait. So I leave you with this.

The detail is amazing.

*UPDATE* I forgot to mention that also with the removable backpack the armor on the thighs of the Predator are also removable. In case anyone was wondering.


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