We Let One Get Away From Us

What a great game of football yesterday, between the New York Football Giants, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a very disheartening ending with the Jaguars losing the lead in the 4th quarter and then unable to regain the lead. It was disappointing to lose that one yesterday, but it’s not that big of a deal. The New York Giants are an NFC opponent and the Colts lost to the Chargers at home last night.

This means one thing . . .

The Jacksonville Jaguars still lead the AFC South! If the Jaguars can rebound from this loss and get a win in Tennessee nothing but good things can happen. I think it will take 10 or 9 wins to win this division. At least I am hoping. I believe that the Jaguars can beat the Colts again, sweep the Texans, and get a win over Tennessee. Those are three key games that the Jaguars will have to win. A win over the Raiders on December 12 will also be crucial.

The Jaguars must win their next four of five games for a chance to keep their playoff and division crown hopes alive. This is a tall order for such a young team, but if they can do it, I think the city of Jacksonville will have something to rejoice about.

I hate Mondays after a loss. I always find it a little harder to get motivated for the tasks at hand.


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