Progress Being Made

Added a Twitter feed to the blog. I think it will add a nice dynamic to the interaction I can have with my readers. I ‘m also considering a new theme but I am unsure what exactly I want. I want to keep it simple and have a little bit of style. This one is kind of plain, but it’s simple, however lacks any real style.

I have also added a feed to my Twitter and Facebook pages to allow my WordPress post links to my blog posts. Slowly everything is coming together. I will have some media content eventually. I will be doing things from Podcasts to YouTube videos. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so don’t expect much until during or after the month of December.


About Doc. Rogers

Creator, Ruler, Seeker, Magician, Jester, Warrior, Lover, Sage, Caregiver, Destroyer, Sports Fanatic, and Scribe.
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